How Entrepreneur is different!

Small business owners deserve planning tools scaled to match their issues and resources. They need solutions that are easy to develop, understand and apply quickly with limited financial and human resources. Entrepreneur was specifically designed to meet these planning requirements. Here's how:

  • There is no excess baggage in Entrepreneur. It addresses all of the important planning topics in a logical and understandable professional manner.
  • A tutorial book is provided that explains the business concepts and describes how to complete each worksheet for each Entrepreneur product.
  • Entrepreneur is based upon the concept that accurate and comprehensive data-gathering and decision-making is the crucial part of planning. Writing the plan is simple with sound, organized data.
  • Data gathering is done on minimum input Excel worksheets that record your data and decisions with the click of a mouse using lists, multiple choice and key words. All of the worksheets can be modified by the user if needed.
  • All of the Entrepreneur products produce a customized Business Model that clarifies strengths and weaknesses of the proposed plan.
  • It's yours Free to Download Now

The Books

“Having a "Business Plan" is an accepted business principle but it is often a practical difficulty for many small business entrepreneurs.” Author Dick Hall
“A Strategic Business Plan must address the same subjects as any other business plan. ” Author Dick Hall
“A Marketing Plan is really a more comprehensive view of the marketing function in a business than is described in the typical business plan. ” Author Dick Hall



Another website with more free planning products!

This website has become so popular that the owner/founder Dick Hall has established another non-profit website The new website has even more free business planning resources. One of the most popular new resources is the EzyBizPlan. The EzyBizPlan is an abbreviated version of The Easy Business Plan book and software download described above. It includes the same end products including the Instructions, Business Model and Worksheets. Just click here to download the EZYBizPlan and give it a test drive. We think you will love it!